Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in Hamburg

I am off work now until January 5...feels good to relax and sleep in. No plans for the next two weeks, just some day trips and hanging out around Hamburg. It is very very cold today, and snowing non-stop...I think it was -1deg F and the wind is blowing, any adventures outside are short lived. We still have managed Christmas markets and playing in the park. Oskar the dog cant handle the snow, he ends up shivering uncontrollably after a few minutes, poor little guy. So he poops and pees RIGHT OUTSIDE the door and books it back in. The atmosphere and non-commercialization of christmas is a relief, although for my Polish workmate, he was complaining about how consumerism is thrown in your face over here, but I was quick to tell him this is nothing compared to the US. That is interesting. The outdoor markets, alcohol in the street, smell of fresh roasted nuts, and walkability of the city all make it for a unique experience. Although it gets dark at 4:30, I really think this is the best season to visit Germany...though it is hard to justify a cold place for vacation when we live in a cold place at home, but still.

For proof that we are off our rockers and into this christmas more than any other (maybe this also has to do with Mayzie's first awareness of the holiday) are some pics of our flat, plus some others from around town.

Our lil xmas tree

Advent light a candle for each week before xmas (please forgive me if this is super obvious to most of you, I am a xmas decorating amateur)

Jenna bought this wooden man from a xmas market...after placing a incense cone in his lower half, the smoke travels up and out through his mouth.

Can you see the smoke?

My polish friend Tomas.

Hamburg Rathaus in the snow...

Jenna with her favorite xmas drink, the Feuerzangenbowle.

Curry wurst and ice, what a combo.

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