Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hamburg Christmas Markets: Luneburg

Thirty minutes by train, is the old medieval town of Luneburg. We took a day trip out here in August sometime, when it was pouring rain, but this time we timed it right with a beautiful winters day. This whole town is basically a Christmas market. In the beautiful medieval town square is where the main market is, but along the narrow side streets are other small markets, gluhwein stalls, and small, animated Fairy tale displays for kids. By the time it got dark, it truly was a magical place, something like you think Old Germany must have been like. Car free, atmosphere every corner, beautiful colored lights, churches and town squares shining, like something you would imagine in Brothers Grimm stories. Pauline Tomlinson was with us, and I am glad to have experienced this with her...we almost talked ourselves out of going out here, since we were tired and the forecast was rain.

We had some gluhweins, an obscene amount of christmas goodies (a nutella filled waffle pocket, roasted nuts, gummy coins etc etc etc), and the ladies enjoyed hot cocoa and coffee, while I had a beer at a local brewery. We also tried the Eier Punsch (egg nog with rum of course), but none of us could drink that...too rich and thick and chewy and sweet...uugggh....EGGS.

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Liz's World said...

Great blog and photos! Esslingen has a Medieval (or is it Renaissance) Christmas market.
This is really cool.
Google Esslinger Mittelaltermarkt
to see some pics.

Really worth seeing because the Christmas markets do start to all look alike after a while.

Also, I'm not sure if your daughter would get scared if you go after dark... not that it's spooky, but,
Remember The Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter? So go during the day.