Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Am the Egg Man

A man wants to buy a couple eggs for his breakfast. He walks to the Lebensmittel for 2 eggs. They have beautiful eggs there. The egg lady at the store asks him if he wants to pay now, or pay later, since he is a regular, and they know him. The man has no cash on him, so he will pay later. "Please send the bill to my home on Ludwigstrasse", says the man, joyfully. "Ok, no problem, have a nice day!" says the egg lady. The man enjoys a plentiful egg breakfast. Three weeks later, a bill arrives to the mans house on Ludwigstrasse. The bill states that the man owes the Lebensmittel for 200 eggs. "Oh dear", says the man. "I must go back to the egg lady and clarify this mistake." So, the man walks back to the store and approaches the egg lady. "Hi!It says here that I had ordered from you 200 eggs, three weeks ago", the man says with a chuckle. The egg lady answers sternly, "yes, that is right." The man says, astonished, but in a friendly tone, "No, that is not right, I ordered and received TWO eggs from you, not TWO HUNDRED!" The egg lady again looks at the paper, with mild annoyance as a line of customers is building up behind the man. "No, it says right here that you ordered 200 eggs, that is how much you owe us for." The man is getting more annoyed now. "But how can one person eat 200 eggs in one day?" The egg lady looks at the paper, not at the mans face. "I dont know. It says here that you had 200 eggs, so that is that." The man..."but dont you think you would remember me coming in here and ordering 200 eggs? That is a huge order!" The egg lady is very calm, staring at the paper "I dont know, sir, it says that you ate 200 eggs, the paper says so, right here. So that is all I know of the matter." The man storms off in disgust.

Such is business in Germany, where the paper is mightier than common sense.


DarrenDriven said...

The solution: take a piece of paper in that shows you have a $5000 credit.

You should watch the movie "The Invention of Lying".

Nick said...

ha, good one...i should buy an official looking stamp, too. They like stamps.

yeah i want to see that movie...we love us some Ricky Gervais.

Milla said...

WOW, imagine what a big omelette you could have made with these 200 eggs.
Big enough to feed some Agalloch fans! Oh, wait...