Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snow Daze

It has basically snowed everyday since the new year. And damn cold, too. Today we got another couple centimeters. Its fun to see kids on their sleds being pulled by the parents on the way to school, and the cars slipping around. We haven't dared take out or bald tire car. A guy at work told me that not having winter tires over here is illegal and if you get in an accident, even if it wasn't your fault, you could be held liable. So we better wait until it melts. I haven't seen chains out here, only winter tires and lots of salt and grit on the streets.

So, we have retreated indoors basically. Bike riding is a no-no in the ice and Mayzie does not last long walking out there. Oskar pees within inches of the door and hastily retreats inside. Today we went to the nearby indoor playground, and we have been to the pool a few times. We found a most excellent pool that has an amazing kids area sculpted out of concrete to look like a jungle. Waterfall, dinosaurs, some nice slides, a cave with rain coming down from the ceiling and lots of nooks and cranny's. Mayzie loves that one. Other than that, Mayzie is addicted to the card game UNO, so we play that every night. Its fun being able to play her in a game and not have to let her win, or hold back because I don't want to beat her so bad haha. She really knows how to play.

Not too much else going on...hope the start of everyones new year is going well. We booked our flights home--April 30. Another transition, but the right one for us as of now.


Troy said...

Haha, you suck at Uno. A couple centimeters of snow? Is that like 3 feet? That's crazy. Looking forward to you guys back in P-town in a few months!

DarrenDriven said...

What is a centimeter?