Sunday, February 14, 2010


OK, this is getting ridiculous. It has been snowing and freezing cold every day since December 18. Worst winter in 30 years, etc etc. Cant believe it. One day you think thats the end and boom it snows again overnight. I used to fancy the idea of living in the Arctic for 1 year, to experience the whole extreme daylight/darkness, but I know it would be tons worst than this, and I can barely handle being stuck inside this much. No parks, no throwing the ball for Osky, no bike riding. Been playing lots of card games, and watching movies, so its not all bad. Heading to the pool today. Also, being forced to focus on mind and soul has been a real blessing for us. We have been eating alot better lately and we are grateful to have the time to focus on our's a lot easier to do it now before we become very busy again in the spring, and when we get home.

Outside is literally treacherous...they are pretty good about clearing the sidewalks, but they become very slippery quickly. I fell last weekend on my tooshy and elbow. Ice is not soft haha. Yesterday we walked across the frozen lake in Stadtpark. It was like eating frog or horse--it didn't taste very different, but it felt strange because you knew what was underneath. The inner fear is a product of all that Rescue 911 I used to watch, seeing them save kids that fell through the ice, or when George Bailly's brother Harry fell through it in Its A Wonderful Life. Plus, I am a big boy, so I expected the ice to break at any moment. I heard that some guy drove his Land Rover across the ice last week, so its pretty thick. Needless to say, Jenna had nothing to do with walking on the ice. There is a fine line between sensible and fearful and I stray towards the stupid side haha.

All together now.."keinen Schnee mehr!"