Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clear Skies

The un-pronounceable spewing Icelandic volcano changed our friend plans a bit (along with millions of other peoples plans, it was an eerie feeling not seeing or hearing any planes for 5 days), but the skies are clear now and we are in for the home stretch. Our British friends the Tomlinsons were not able to fly over last week and their re-scheduled flight was also cancelled, so we were guest less last weekend. Such a bummer too because we really were looking forward to seeing them. It so happens that our great Czech friend Radim will be around form tomorrow, until Saturday, so we are happy to have him over. One of my regrets of the last 16 months was not seeing him while we were so close.

The weather has been warm, sunny, then cold and cloudy, changing all the time...but plenty of time to get outside and ride bikes and go out on the canals. We got a few boxes packed, all of our crappy furniture is up on ebay, and now that the volcano is stopped, we should be out of here as planned, on April 30. We booked a hotel near the airport for the 28th and 29th since our apartment will be void of furniture by then, and we need to clean up the place, so that we can get our deposit back (we better!).

Happy spring time!

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