Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kindergarten mornings

Another lull in work means that I am home everyday, so I am around in the mornings while Mayzie is at kiga (thats what they call it!) from 8:30am - 1:30pm monday through friday. It's a very relaxing 5 hours that we both have been thouroughly enjoying. A perfect time for a bike ride together, or grocery shoppping with ease, or watching a movie, or doing yoga, or going to the bakery and hanging out. It's a win-win situation...Mayzie is loving her school and we are loving the time while she is away. At 1:30pm all the moms are at the school entrance, waiting for their kids, and we usually bring Mayzie's bike and Oskar for the short 10 minute walk home. She loves that. Then Mayzie has been having a quiet time in her room for an hour...she is loving the routine and we are stoked she has taken to it so well. She hasnt told us about any friends in particular, but we have been near the school on an outing so we spied on here as she is playing out in the schoolyard--she is fitting right in. Her gibber gabber german is slowly becoming words, too...she is picking things up quickly--just words or songs here or there--basically learning to speak again with baby gibberish, but in German. Pretty cool.

We love that kid, but she can drive us crazy!

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